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Women's Boots High Material Color Lace Assorted Low Soft top AmoonyFashion Heels up Yellow TdPq5p Women's Boots High Material Color Lace Assorted Low Soft top AmoonyFashion Heels up Yellow TdPq5p Women's Boots High Material Color Lace Assorted Low Soft top AmoonyFashion Heels up Yellow TdPq5p Women's Boots High Material Color Lace Assorted Low Soft top AmoonyFashion Heels up Yellow TdPq5p
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Bella Thorne plays a young woman with xeroderma pigmentosum who risks her life for a little romance in this by-the-numbers teen tragedy.

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CREDIT: Ed Araquel

Rated PG-13 1 hour 31 minutes

Google “xeroderma pigmentosum” and you will find no photos of pale young women who look like Bella Thorne in “Midnight Sun.” The condition, in which the body is unable to heal DNA damaged by exposure to UV rays, has side effects that might appear freakish to the average person, including an abundance of freckles, dry skin, cancerous lesions, and spider veins, but which convey just how serious XP is for those who suffer from it (only one in five makes it to his or her 20th birthday).

It could have simply been a marketing trick, but at advance screenings of “Midnight Sun,” they put a small box of tissues at everybody’s seat. Good thing too: The independently produced melodrama — a remake of a popular 2006 weepie from Japan, where the potentially fatal skin condition is six times more common — doesn’t jerk tears so much as coax them, like a shy cat from under a parked car, turning audiences into willing accomplices exploiting XP for the sake of cheap catharsis.

Considering the statistics, such a story serves some cultural value in Japan, where the problem affects one in 40,000 people. In the U.S., however, this tacky make-a-wish fantasy is merely the latest addition to that odd subgenre of terminal-teen romance — from “Love Story” to “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble” — in which a case of puppy love between a pair of preternaturally beautiful young people is rudely interrupted by the Grim Reaper.

Thorne plays Katie, a red-haired, Disney-princess-like shut-in whose skin looks alternately lab-rat pink or gecko green depending on the weirdly unflattering indoor lighting —call it “the fault in our star’s makeup.” Tucked away behind thick UV-blocking windows nearly all her life, Katie has been homeschooled by her overprotective father (Rob Riggle), who encourages her self-taught interest in music, to the extent that he permits her to take her guitar down to the tracks and sing for strangers after dark, so long as she returns before curfew.

Are there any towns left in America with such a backlot-safe feel that a worrywart dad would allow a naive teenage girl with next to no experience interacting with strangers hang out at the local train station? And are there any sullen teenage boys who would skip out of a graduation party packed with popular kids in order to saunter by themselves, only to be smitten by a mystery girl’s disembodied voice?

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Santa may stop by the store to refuel after a ribbon cutting for Santa’s Whimsical Wonderland on Nov. 16. That happening will be followed by the annual Lights Up holiday parade and tree lighting on Nov. 19.

The ribbon cutting will feature Mayor Todd Strange and will be held at 6 p.m., followed by snow, holiday carolers, hot cocoa and more. Santa’s Whimsical Wonderland will be located in front of Blackfinn Ameripub.

The Shoppes will be combining the annual parade and Christmas tree lighting into one magical event on Nov. 19 at 7 p.m.

Main Street will be filled with holiday cheer, live music by The Talismen, face painting, balloon artists, giveaways, and carriage rides, said Suzanna Wasserman, marketing director for EastChase.

The parade will include the Montgomery Catholic High School Band, The Montgomery Zoo, Tonya Speed Dance Studio, and the Montgomery Humane Society. After the parade, Santa Claus will light the tree and begin a fireworks show.

Lace Low Color Women's Soft AmoonyFashion Yellow Assorted High Heels top up Boots Material The Priester's store is located between Banana Republic and Williams-Sonoma, and is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

The store will be open from 7 a.m. on Black Friday and hours will expand as the calendar moves closer to the Christmas season, manager Sharon Woernle said.

"The kitchens in Fort Deposit have been preparing and baking lots of pecan goodies, and the pecan pie is world famous," Woernle said. "We also have cakes that are always a hit for the holidays. The kitchens make brownies, almond angels, lemon delicious bars, and fresh fudge."

The shop also will have lots of candies too, such as fiddlesticks (a pecan, caramel, chocolate delight), pecan rolls, divinity, and pecan clusters.

Besides having natural pecans chopped to the right size for baking, Priester's also has sugared pecans in a dozen varieties.

"Because we were able to be in such a large space this year, we are also able to have a large variety of gift items to sell," Woernle said. "We have Christmas tea-towels, candles, Elf on the Shelf, mugs, soaps, stocking and socks, and decorations."

The shop has put up four Christmas trees. Two are devoted to Tide and Tiger football fans, and the others have traditional and beach-themed decorations.

Jewelry, Christian-themed bracelets, Auburn and Alabama collegiate items and popular pendant necklaces are just some of the many other pieces for sale at Priester's.

Priester's can ship its products worldwide.

"Our gift items are always new every year which is why people like to shop with us," Woernle said. "People are glad to buy products that are made right here in Alabama.It is important to know that this is a local company and store. We also have gift items that have an Alabama or Southern theme..."

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Once, one famous horror writer was asked about the source of his ideas. His answer was: "So where do the ideas?the salable ideas, come from? They come from my nightmares. Not the night-time variety, as a rule, but the ones that hide just beyond the doorway that separates the conscious from the unconscious." (Stephen King). Of course, the world of human unconscious is a fertile soil for the artistic expression of any kind. Apparently, Stahlwerk9 couldn't stay away from that theme and release their last album under the name 'The Grey Ghost 1856-1939'. If you are curious enough about the meaning of the mentioned dates, you can quite easily discover that those dates are the lifetime of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis that as a matter of fact invented the way to open the door between the two worlds of our inner self to embrace all the facets of our personality. The concept of psychological survey is projected into the very depth of the new album. Being active for more than fifteen years, Stahlwerk9 remains to be a quite underestimated project. Reinhard, the man behind Stahlwerk9, has a rich portfolio of few dozens of albums and collaborations with different industrial artists, but 'The Grey Ghost' arrives after more than five years of almost complete silence. I remembered this project to be one of the best names (for my taste) on Austrian Steinklang records, that's why I had been waiting forward to hear something from it and the long five years were worth to wait. Bound around the foresaid concept, the album generally succeeds in creating a really gloomy atmosphere of unfulfilled dreams and hidden fears that find their asylum in sore subconscious. All the compositions have a common element of extremely dirty sound while this effect is really significant for the record. The cd starts with "The Mind is Like an Iceberg" crafted with the thick background hum and full of a different machinery sounds, sampled voices, yet remaining truly mysterious. "Into the Unconscious" shows the whole storm of feelings, kind of a sensual Brownian motion, where a border of sanity of outside spectator simply washed away by a pulsating energy and all the sounds are grinded into one explosive mixture by the mechanism of sick desires. "While I was Dreaming" steps into the field of pure dark ambient when changing mood to be slower and more cryptic, but the energy strikes back with the fourth track "The Id", a dynamic and cinematic composition. The beat of the drum, the voices all around, industrial atmosphere colored in grey tones; this is the perfect soundtrack for the destructive affects in our inner world. "Happiness Machine" brings forth the ideas of using Freud's theories for conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses as an important element of democratic society. Music reflects the theme having a creepy, chilling and weaving background which zombifies heavily the mind of the listener leaving no option for escape. A light drilling sound is constantly there, rising and falling to make the hypnotizing effect even stronger. The same atmosphere is transferred to "The Wish in Dreams" while the anxiety surrounding this desire turns some dreams into nightmares; a very dense soundscape full of special effects and sampled voices which reminds a little bit of old black-n-white movies from the beginning of the past century. "If Youth Knew, If Age Could" is a final composition that is brighter than all the rest in the album having some injection of melancholy in it, but still the images of an old movie are really strong having a highly sensual background. Stahlwerk9 set a hard goal of reflecting the human subconscious trying to describe the beasts that haunt our dreams and try to break out of the jail that we usually put them in. I think that Reinhard achieved his goal creating a highly cinematic soundscape though I prefer the compositions with a higher tempo or some rhythm inside, for example "Into the Unconscious" which has some special touch or kind of energy that singles it out from all the rest. I also like militarism and industrialization of the previous albums much more than the mystery of the new one, but in general, "The Grey Ghost" is a good comeback for Stahlwerk9 and one of the best albums that arrived from Steinklang records during the last two or three years. "The mind does most of its best thinking when we aren't there. The answers are there in the morning". So put on your earphones, close your eyes and concentrate on the process. The answer will definitely appear.
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During the plan monitoring stage, the objective is to evaluate how well the plan is being followed. To do this requires distinguishing among three situations:

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(1) the actual situation that reflects the physical reality of the battlefield; (2) the assessed situation that is maintained by the commander and his/her staff (and, to a lesser extent, by each player in the engagement); and (3) the planned situation, which is the situation expected at this particular point in the plan if the plan is being successfully followed.

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The panel's review of existing perceptual and situation awareness models failed to uncover any that specifically attempt to provide a computational representation linking stressors/moderator variables to specific situation awareness model structures or parameters. We have also failed to identify specific techniques for modeling cognitive limitations through computational constructs in any given situation awareness model (e.g., limiting the number of rules that can be processed per unit time in a production rule model; or limiting the number of belief nodes that can reliably be "remembered" in a belief network model, etc.). Clearly, further work needs to be done in this direction if we are to realistically model human situation assessment under limited cognitive processing abilities. This lack, however, does not preclude the future development of models that incorporate means of representing cognitive processing limitations and/or individual differences, and indeed Chapter 9 proposes some approaches that might be taken to this end.


This chapter has reviewed a number of descriptive and prescriptive situation awareness models. Although few prescriptive models of situation awareness have been proposed or developed, the panel believes such models should be the focus of efforts to develop computational situation awareness submodels of largerscope human behavior representations. As part of this effort, we reviewed three specific technologies that appear to have significant potential in situation awareness model development: expert systems, case-based reasoning, and belief networks. We noted in this review that early situation awareness models, and a surprising number of current DoD human behavior representations, rely on an expert systems approach (or, closely related, decision tables). In contrast, case-based reasoning has not been used in DoD human behavior representations; however, we believe there is a good match between case-based reasoning capabilities and situation awareness behavior, and this approach therefore deserves a closer look. Finally, recent situation awareness modeling work has begun to incorporate belief networks, and we believe that there is considerable modeling potential here for reasoning in dynamic and uncertain situations.

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